The company opened in 1967 as a box factory to which in 1980 a wave production line was added for the production of wave cardboard. The trust placed on us by the many companies that for more than 50 years have chosen our services allow us to constantly improve and to reinforce our commercial offers guaranteeing quality, speed, timeliness, project capacity and packaging advice.

Company policy

The administrator has adopted an integrated quality health and safety and hygiene products considers as key element for business management. With the present declaration administrator intends to define the goals and commitments for the system. All business processes are planned and regulated in a continuous improvement plan consisting of indicators and measurement parameters of the following objectives:
- seek full customer satisfaction by providing products conforming to contractual standards.
- obtain from the customer reasoned confidence in the required quality level and to maintain it over time.
- meet the stakeholders requirements considered relevant to your management system.
- achieving and maintaining the company as well as the prevention of the risks envisaged through the efficient and planned use of human, technological and material resources, in a continuous process of improving corporate management.
- use facilities and resources produce continuous improvement and remuneration of shareholders.
- to fix and to pursue goals such as the continuous monitoring and improving of the hygiene standards and the working methods in order to ensure the contact of the products with the food;
- to protect both health and safety of the company workers, preventing injuries and occupational illnesses and stating that the responsibility in managing the workers' health and safety depends on each company level, from the employer to the employees, according with their own tasks and skills;
- to work with motivated personnel, well-informed on the entire management system;
- to provide customers with products in accordance with their expectations and with the current law about products in contact with food;
- to ensure profitability to the enterprise, with the aim to obtain the funds necessary to the continuous betterment and to the associates' remuneration.
This commitment is a basic element in building and improvement program based on objective and measurable elements over time. This commitment will be formally reviewed annually to verify the need for change.
Each person identified in the manual and throughout the system. Documentation by describing their function is responsible for applying the manual's instructions to the area in which they are responsible.
Anyone who has responsibilities assigned to the management system can delegate these functions to staff to their own dependencies but can not delegate responsibility.

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The design is carried out by highly qualified technicians that guarantee technical and innovative solutions for the design and development. Our design group uses the most advanced IT systems.

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The raw materials and finished products test laboratory guarantees the good quality of the products. Raw materials are analyzed with tests before their use so a to select the best suppliers. Every day we test samples of finished products to check their quality. 

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Quality is certified by the UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 regulation. The compliance of the productive process with international standards is synonymous with control efficacy and effectiveness and client satisfaction.

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The wavy cardboard we make, which can be in close contact with foods, has MOCA certifications. These certifications comply with the CE regulation which states that every material and food must be processed in compliance with good manufacturing rules.

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